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AGC Print Solutions
AGC Print Solutions

Mugs, pens, stress balls or t-shirts printed in Nottingham, handed out all over the country

If you can print on it, etch it or embroider it we can supply it. Many items such as mugs and pens come in a huge variety of base colours, this can be a cost-effective way of reducing the costs of your promotional gifts as you need fewer colours to print if the item is already your brand colour.

Putting your name in front of your clients

That's the beauty of promotional gifts. By printing your name, logo and contact details on various gift items you can ensure they work as a daily brand reminder for your business. We can source items from many different suppliers so let us do the leg work and save you having to shop around.

Don't forget the paper items

One of our most popular promotional lines is pre-printed pads. These can be desk-sized for jottings and scribbles or time-saving To Do lists. By varying the number of sheets of paper in each pad and the quality of paper we can alter the weight of the finished pad. This can be advantageous to save postage costs in a mailing.

For great ideas and prices on promotional gifts, just e-mail us and we’ll get right back to you!

Print and Direct Marketing with Added Value.

Project Examples

For this company a desk pad is a fantastic brand reminder that is a practical gift.

If you want to give a corporate Christmas gift that will last all year then why not print a year planner. Stuck on the wall, your logo will be displayed for 12 months.
What Our Clients Say

"Thank you for the superb quality and service, the design is just what we wanted, we will be back for more"

- David

"Thanks for the prompt design and delivery of our forms, we were pleased how quickly you turned them around for us, thank you"

- Paul

"We have always found you to be our perfect print and marketing partner, we can rely on you for a 100% consistently perfect service, very professional, friendly cost effective service"

- Mike

"The service we received was excellent and professional, thank you once again"

- Sandra